the beginning of the new year is a very popular celebration which people celebrate in the first day of the new year (farvardin 1st in the Iranian calendar or march 21st in the Christian calender ) and the celebration lasts from the first day till the following 12 days after that, totally these 13 days are off due to the traditions from many years ago.

History : this celebration were held for many years in Iran and also Iran is the first country in the world which had this celebration held for the first time.
At the moment not only Iran but also the countries like Turkey Afghanistan ,Tajikistan and etc have this event in their country .



Traditions :
House cleaning : people start cleaning the rooms and all the furniture in the house
Fire works : people set fire works every year at the last Wednesday of the year (called chaharshanbesory) and jumping over the fire is another interesting thing which most of the people enjoy it.
The word haft means seven and haftsin means the seven things which starts with the letter (س)in the Persian alphabet. The eatable things are mostly nuts and fruits and its for all the 13 days so people wont gather the table till the last day (13th of farvardin).
Paying and repaying visits : people go to visit their relatives during noroz holidays and also most of the people travel to other cities and other countries mostly the appealing places.


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