A village in north of Tehran. A village in north of Tehran. A village in north of Tehran. A village in north of Tehran. A village in north of Tehran. A village in north of Tehran. A village in north Read More

Botany Garden Museum

This place has 3000 species of plants from not only Iran’s ecosystem but also all over the word. a place with a beautiful wild sight at morning

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The nature bridge

This three-floored bridge is the longest non-automotive bridge in Tehran with a beautiful view of wild lands and the highway. Every year lots of people and tourists from other countries come to visit this beautiful bridge. The woman you see

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Bird’s garden

One of the interesting places in Tehran to see is this place and the beautiful birds in it. The park is devided in two divisions the first division is for non-flying birds and the second one is for flyable-birds which

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Jamshidieh park

a very wide park with an area of 10 hectares for people to spend their free time with their relatives and their family. From the properties of this park we can mention to the lathed stones that remind you any

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Latmal waterfall

a mountainous place with a beautiful waterfall in it for sight seeing and enjoying the nature. This plaace is located in the north west of Tehran also it is certain that the weather is totally different from the center of

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Kolakchal peak

This mountain is 3350 meters high from the city. Something like a legendry mountain with historical events that happened in this place which is located in the north of Tehran stil is one of the touristic places of Tehran.  

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Artistic museum of Iran

A museum that contains most of the Iranian symbolic things in small sizes from the past until now. Every year lots of tourists come to visit this museum.

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Darband lifts

if you decide to take some distance from city you can go to darband and you may will be interested in using this lifts.

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