Norooz the beginning of the new year is a very popular celebration which people celebrate in the first day of the new year (farvardin 1st in the Iranian calendar or march 21st in the Christian calender ) and the celebration

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“Tirgan” is one of the famous occasions in the Iranian history. “It is the day that one of the prominent men in the Iranian history named ” Arash the Archer ” dated at the 13th of tir in the Iranian

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Sizde be dar

“Sizde be dar (the nature day)” at the 13th of farvardin(April 1st) the last day of norooz holidays people go to parks and jungles to spend their time with their relatives. People gather together in this day to celebrate the

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Yalda is the last night of autumn and the longest night during the whole year. People spend the entire night with their relatives and special foods and fruits like watermelon and nuts are the constant nutrients of this night and

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“Chaharshanbesori” people celebrate the last Wednesday of the year and set fire works together and they enjoy it. Jumping over the fire is one of the interesting traditions that people have in this day and also they pray for each

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